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Dec 2018

Luke 2.41-52 ‘Jesus grew’

Jesus is not a visitor. Jesus is one of us. He doesn’t visit us, he dwells with us.  Jesus doesn’t come and go, he came to stay.

Dec 2018

Luke 2.8-20 ‘Surprise!’

God still works through the unexpected today - through surprise, and through wonder.
Series Christmas
Bible Book Luke
Theme Christmas

Dec 2018

John 1.1-14 ‘In the beginning...’

No matter how full, busy, noisy and bright our Christmases might be, without Jesus there is something missing.   Without Jesus, Christmas may as well be empty, dark and silent.
Series Christmas
Bible Book John
Themes Christmas faith

Dec 2018

John 1.9 ‘The true light’

Jesus’ light is for everyone and everywhen.
Series Christmas
Bible Book John
Theme light

Dec 2018

Micah 5.2-5 ‘How to live securely’

We may not know what the future holds - but we know who holds the future.
Series Christmas
Bible Book Micah
Themes Christmas peace

Dec 2018

Matthew 2.1-12 ‘Jesus is for life, not just for Christmas’

My prayer is that we might all make space for Jesus this Christmas - and then in January, in February and beyond.
Series Christmas
Bible Book Matthew
Themes Christmas life

Nov 2018

Luke 5.1-11 ‘Following Jesus Together’

These are our general principles: follow (Jesus), fish (for people), feed (the hungry) and focus.

Nov 2018

Revelation 21.1-7 ‘Peace: the final Armistice’

Let us commemorate the first Armistice Day, which brought a temporary peace - but let us also give thanks for Jesus, because his Armistice Day brings peace that lasts.

Nov 2018

John 15.12-15 ‘Jesus and Friendship’

Are you willing to look beyond ‘people like me’ and befriend your neighbour, whomever they may be?

Oct 2018

Mark 10.32-45 ‘Jesus is... the ransom for many’

Jesus died willingly. He was not forced to die by an angry or cruel God. He knew the cost, he knew the pain, and yet he still gave himself freely, for you and for me.