Apr 2018

Mark 8.22-29a ‘Do you see?’

Easter is no hoax, but the greatest news you will ever hear: Jesus Christ is risen. May he open our eyes to see him today.

Mar 2018

Psalm 51 ‘Holiness is what faith looks like’

Salvation is the beginning of the Christian life. It is the foundation of the building, the first step of the journey. That journey, that building, is called holiness.

Feb 2018

Mark 6.30-44 ‘Jesus is... the compassionate shepherd’

What do you have, that you could give to Jesus, for him to take and use and transform and multiply?

Jan 2018

Mark 4.35-41 ‘Who is this?’

Maybe like the disciples you think Jesus is a wonderful teacher, a kind healer, someone really special. But this – this is something else.

Dec 2017

Luke 2.1-7 ‘The Gift’

The gift of God’s own Son takes a lifetime to unwrap, but it’s never too early to start.

Nov 2017

2 Corinthians 9.6-15 ‘How much can I give?’

Instead of repeating the Old Testament’s laws about tithing, Paul replaces the entire system with one word: generosity.

Nov 2017

Matthew 6.1-4, 19-24 ‘How can I live generously?’

Christian giving is not about fundraising or buying God’s favour. It is a way of responding (in secret) to God’s generosity to us - storing up the true treasure of a generous and godly life.

Nov 2017

Luke 17.11-19 ‘How can I give thanks?’

It wasn’t the act of going that demonstrated the Samaritan leper’s faith, it was the act of coming back – coming back to Jesus to say thank you.

Nov 2017

Mark 4.21-34 ‘Jesus is... the speaker of parables’

Financial giving is not fundraising – it is faithraising.  It is a vital way of us both expressing our gratitude to God, and demonstrating our trust in him.

Oct 2017

Mark 2.18 - 3.6 ‘Jesus is... Lord of the Sabbath’

Jesus did not do away with the Fourth Commandment: instead he taught us that the Sabbath is a gift, not a burden.