Sep 2017

Mark 1.35-45 ‘Jesus is... the famous one’

Jesus touched him... Touched him!! I knew the guy was mad. You don’t touch someone with leprosy! Jesus touched him – and he was cured – immediately.

Sep 2017

Mark 1.1-13 ‘You are my Son’

Who is Jesus?  Over the next weeks we will see how Mark answers that question.  We will see that Mark believes Jesus to be God’s own Son, the Messiah, God’s chosen and anointed one. We will see: Jesus.

Aug 2017

Ephesians 5.1, 29-30 ‘Love: yourself’

We need to love ourselves in the right way.  We need Goldilocks love – not too much love, not too little love, but just the right amount of love.

Aug 2017

Luke 10.25-37 ‘Love: your neighbour’

Martin Luther King said the question is not, ‘If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?’ but, ‘If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?’
Series 2017: Love
Bible Book Luke
Themes fear love mission

Aug 2017

Romans 12.9-13 ‘Love: one another’

Paul’s describes deep, sacrificial love – but how often churches are full of niceness rather than love, acquaintances rather than brothers and sisters, pretending rather than sharing.

Aug 2017

Matthew 22.34-40 ‘Love: God’

Do we love God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind? What do we hold back?

Jul 2017

Psalm 8 ‘Majestic name’

The God of creation, whose glory is set in the heavens, is with us, is with you, here today. He promises he will never leave, that he will always be with us.

Jun 2017

Psalm 7 ‘Just justice’

God’s anger is real and righteous. He should be angry with the world, with the suffering and injustice - and his anger is a source of hope to those who are at the sharp end of the world’s evil.

Jun 2017

Psalm 6 ‘Wet prayer’

Feeling like God is angry with us, our own weakness, being afraid, and feeling like God is taking too long - all these can stop us coming to God in prayer. But they did not stop David.

May 2017

Psalm 4 ‘Evening prayer’

In the middle of trouble, David can sleep peacefully, knowing and trusting that God will keep him safe. It doesn’t mean nothing will go wrong, but that, deep down, he is secure in God.