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Jan 2024
Sunday, 21 January 2024

Matthew 28.16-20 ‘Making new disciples of Jesus’

Jesus is what people need the most, and making disciples is the mission he’s given us - what does that mean? Why and how should we do it?

Dec 2023
Monday, 25 December 2023

Luke 2.1-20 ‘The Christmas Window’

If you want to know life in all its fullness for yourself, you need Jesus because it’s only found in him.

Sep 2023
Saturday, 16 September 2023

Philippians 4.4-8 ‘Love happened’

God’s peace doesn’t make sense - because it doesn’t depend on circumstance, it depends on the love of God in Jesus.

Aug 2023
Sunday, 27 August 2023

Job 42.7-17 ‘How do we keep going to the end?’

Job tells us we can trust God, even when we don’t understand why things are as they are.

Aug 2023
Sunday, 20 August 2023

Job 38.1 - 42.6 ‘Who alone can rescue?’

Evil and death are too strong for me – but they are not too strong for Jesus. He alone can rescue.

Aug 2023
Sunday, 13 August 2023

Matthew 14.22-36 ‘Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus’

True faith means keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, and letting go of the things we think keep us afloat.

Aug 2023
Sunday, 06 August 2023

Job 32-37 ‘How dare you talk to God like that?’

Elihu is much maligned, but he calls us to listen to God, ignore Satan’s lies, and put our trust in the Almighty God.

Jul 2023
Sunday, 23 July 2023

Job 28.1-28 ‘Why won’t God answer my question?’

The book of Job does answer our questions, not as we might want but as we need: God gives us himself.

Jul 2023
Sunday, 16 July 2023

Job 19.1-29 ‘Is God for me or against me?’

In that deepest, darkest of nights Job saw clearly that however much he felt God was against him, ultimately God was for him.

Jul 2023
Sunday, 02 July 2023

Job 1.1 - 3.26 ‘How can we hope in suffering?’

Where can we find hope in times of suffering? In Gethsemane Jesus also suffered alone, his three friends also silent - perhaps there are the seeds of hope.