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Counting the Cost

Jesus has already given up everything he had - for you. How will you respond?

04/10/20 04/10/2020 Luke 14.25-34

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Solution for adding Microsoft 365 to Outlook

Adding Microsoft 365 account to Outlook on PC 'Something went wrong' - finally a solution!

09/07/20 09/07/2020 Sci & Tech

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In the summer of 2013 I left my IT job (writing web software) and moved house to start a training post to be a vicar. Rather than go straight from one to the other, I decided to go via Western USA and Canada, in a convertible Ford Mustang.


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In January 2019 Jess and I managed (what I hope isn’t!) the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand. We hired a small campervan and drove around both islands for four weeks - and loved it! The only bad part was not being able to stay longer.


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I was born in Oxford while my father was doing his vicar training at Wycliffe Hall – where I also did my own vicar training, twenty-three years later!   As I grew up in a Christian family, God has always been quite naturally at the centre of my life.   But when I was 10 I made the decision for myself and gave my heart to Jesus (after reading Patricia St. John’s Treasures of the Snow ).


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Michael Morpurgo: this is far from being the best of all possible worlds, but it’s the one we’ve got, so let’s make the best of it. 27/10/2020

RT @HanBayl: The Methodists have what I think might be the most terrifying prayer I’ve ever encountered. 🔥🔥🔥 05/10/2020


I don’t have an English accent because this is what English sounds like when spoken properly.

Jimmy Carr