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Theme = ‘humility’

Oct 2021
2021: 1 Corinthians - Seeing the Son

1 Corinthians 4.1-17 ‘Living faithfully’

Friends, I long for us to live faithfully.  I long for us to stand on the foundation of forgiveness and grace.  I long for our lives to be formed in humility and love.

Feb 2021
2021: Daniel - Faithful in Exile

Daniel 5.1-31 ‘Knowing is not enough’

Knowing is not enough; the Most High God is sovereign over all – may we not only know that, but live it.

Feb 2021
2021: Daniel - Faithful in Exile

Daniel 4.19-37 ‘Humbling the proud’

Unlike Nebuchadnezzar we need to humble ourselves - lest we are humbled by God.

Dec 2020

Luke 1.26-38 ‘Preparation’

God doesn’t want an impressive appearance, power, or prestige – he wants something far more important: a humble, obedient, and willing heart.

Feb 2019
2019: Mark - Seeing Jesus [4], Vision Sundays

Mark 12.38-44 ‘Jesus is... the puncturer of pride’

Size doesn’t matter to God - so let’s give him what we have, however large or small, and trust him to use us wherever we are.

Jun 2018
2018: James - Wholehearted Devotion to Jesus

James 4.1-10 ‘Your heart: humble or divided?’

Friends, the problem is we aren’t Christian enough - we need a big does of humility - how can you grow in your discipleship today?

Aug 2016

Philippians 2.5-18 ‘Shining like stars’

As we live like Jesus in humble, obedient service, as we work out what God is working in us, so together we will shine like stars shine in the night sky. And other people will see and want the one who makes us shine: Jesus Christ.

Aug 2016

Philippians 1.27 - 2.4 ‘Standing as one’

We aren’t perfect, so our deep unity in Christ doesn’t always make it to the surface. So Paul teaches: be what you are, let the truth of who you are in Christ be visible in your behaviour: that is what it means to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.

Aug 2016

Philippians 1.1-11 ‘Abounding in love’

Finding joy in the journey begins with abounding in love - but not just any love: the love of Jesus Christ.

Feb 2006

Mark 1.35-45 ‘Fame vs faithfulness’

The more times I read about Jesus in the Gospels, the more I’m struck by his awesome humility and faithfulness.