Place = ‘amington’

Oct 2020

Luke 14.25-34 ‘Counting the Cost’

Jesus has already given up everything he had - for you. How will you respond?

Sep 2020

1 Corinthians 12.12-31 ‘Building... one body with many parts’

On earth Jesus worked through a human body; from heaven Jesus works through a body of humans.

Sep 2020

1 Corinthians 12.4-11 ‘Building... with the Spirit’

God wants to give you his Spirit, every day, and fill you so you are overflowing with his Spirit and his presence.

Sep 2020

Matthew 7.24-27 ‘Building... on the Word’

Friends, let’s be disciples and not the crowd. Let’s hear these words of Jesus, and put them into practice – and so build our life on solid rock.

Aug 2020

1 Corinthians 3.5-15 ‘We build with God’

God is the Builder. We are his building. But by his grace he calls us to join in, to build with him.

Aug 2020

Matthew 16.13-19 ‘God builds with us’

Jesus is building his church – even here, in Amington! – and nothing, not even a pandemic, can stop him.

Aug 2020

Nehemiah 2.11-18 ‘Repairing the Gaps’

Before we start repairing, like Nehemiah we must first identify where the gaps are.

Aug 2020

Isaiah 61.4 ‘Rebuilding the Ruins’

We all build; in fact we were made to build, to create.

Jul 2020

Revelation 1.4-8 ‘Jesus Christ’

Jesus needs to and must be our focus – so let us look, let us fix our eyes on him, and on him alone.

Jun 2020

Revelation 22.12-17 ‘The Bright Morning Star’

Which light would you rather live by? The false dawn, or the true dawn?