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Theme = ‘generosity’

Nov 2020
2020: Treasure

2 Corinthians 9.6-15 ‘Treasuring generosity’

When we see how great, how indescribable is the gift of God to us in Jesus – how can we hold anything back?

Nov 2020
2020: Treasure

Matthew 6.19-21 ‘Where’s your treasure?’

Treasure Leads. So where’s your treasure leading you?

Aug 2019

Luke 12.13-21 ‘Rich towards God’

Jesus said, ‘Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.’

Feb 2019
2019: Mark - Seeing Jesus [4], Vision Sundays

Mark 12.38-44 ‘Jesus is... the puncturer of pride’

Size doesn’t matter to God - so let’s give him what we have, however large or small, and trust him to use us wherever we are.

Jul 2018
2018: James - Wholehearted Devotion to Jesus

James 4.13 - 5.6 ‘Your wealth: generous or greedy?’

How we treat wealth is a barometer for our heart. Does our attitude to wealth reveal us to be generous, or greedy?

Nov 2017

2 Corinthians 9.6-15 ‘How much can I give?’

Instead of repeating the Old Testament’s laws about tithing, Paul replaces the entire system with one word: generosity.

Nov 2017

Matthew 6.1-4, 19-24 ‘How can I live generously?’

Christian giving is not about fundraising or buying God’s favour. It is a way of responding (in secret) to God’s generosity to us - storing up the true treasure of a generous and godly life.

Nov 2017
2017: Mark - Seeing Jesus [1], Vision Sundays

Mark 4.21-34 ‘Jesus is... the speaker of parables’

Financial giving is not fundraising - it is faithraising.   It is a vital way of us both expressing our gratitude to God, and demonstrating our trust in him.

Mar 2017

Acts 5.1-11 ‘Faithfulness’

‘Fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart.’ But sometimes the desire for human praise is stronger than the desire to be faithful to God.

Sep 2016

Philippians 4.10-23 ‘The secret: revealed’

It is my prayer that in all we do here our focus would be on Jesus. Yes we need to fill more chairs. Yes we need more money. Yes we need to reach out more effectively - but in all that, let our focus first and foremost be fully on Jesus.