May 2017

Psalm 2 ‘World view’

Psalm 2 moves from the individual believer’s choice between the way of Yahweh and the way of the wicked in Psalm 1, to the big picture of a world that opposes God, and will one day be called to account by him. It lifts our eyes from our individual problems, to see God who sits on the throne.

May 2017

Psalm 1 ‘First things’

There are not many paths: there are two. Psalm 1 simplifies things right down, to help us understand this message: nothing is so crucial as belonging to the congregation of the righteous.

Apr 2017

Matthew 28.1-10 ‘He is risen!’

Everyone thought Jesus had failed, but he hadn’t, he had won. They thought he had come to defeat the Romans, but he had come to conquer death itself.

Mar 2017

Acts 5.1-11 ‘Faithfulness’

‘Fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart.’ But sometimes the desire for human praise is stronger than the desire to be faithful to God.

Mar 2017

Romans 8.5-9 ‘Peace’

Paul tells us, straight and simple, where and how to find peace: set your mind on the Spirit.

Feb 2017

Psalm 16.7-11 ‘Joy’

The path of life, the path to true joy is through focusing on God, listening to God and learning to trust him.

Feb 2017

Mark 8.31-38 ‘God’s plans and your heart’s desire’

God’s plan for you is this: (1) he is with you always, (2) delight in him and you will be satisfied, (3) be fruitful.

Jan 2017

Isaiah 49.1-7 ‘Because of the Lord’

‘Because of the Lord, who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.’ If you remember nothing else from this morning, remember this. If that is too much, remember this: because of the Lord.

Dec 2016

Matthew 1.18-25 ‘Christmas is not a fairytale’

Jesus wasn’t born to enjoy the view: he was born to save us from the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. It isn’t magic or make-believe, but won at great cost: Christmas is not a fairy tale.
Bible Book Matthew
Theme Christmas

Dec 2016

Isaiah 35.1-10 ‘The Highway’

Advent is a time, like Lent, for us to prepare ourselves for Jesus’ return, to make sure he finds us waiting patiently, living holy and godly lives – not to earn his love, but because he already loves us.