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Theme = ‘repentance’

May 2021

Acts 2.1-12 ‘What does the Holy Spirit do?’

They were ALL filled with the Holy Spirit...

Apr 2020

Jun 2019
2019: The Life You've Always Wanted

Psalm 51.1-18 ‘Life Beyond Regret’

God wants us daily to come to him in repentance, to receive his forgiveness. This is the gospel, this is his plan for your life.

Apr 2019
2019: Mark - Seeing Jesus [4]

Mark 14.66-72 ‘Jesus is... disowned and abandoned’

How do we get from Peter the denier, full of shame and regret - to Peter the apostle, leader of the early church?

Mar 2017

Acts 5.1-11 ‘Faithfulness’

‘Fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart.’ But sometimes the desire for human praise is stronger than the desire to be faithful to God.

Sep 2016

Philippians 3.1-16 ‘Striving towards heaven’

Let us strive, not only for heaven, but towards heaven. We don’t have to earn the prize; we don’t have to be paralysed by the past - let’s journey together, sharing our pain, struggles - and joy.

Mar 2016

Luke 15.11-32 ‘Welcome home’

Baptism is all about God saying, ‘Welcome, welcome home.’ It’s a symbol for the turning back to God that we all have to do, every day.

Apr 2006

Mark 3.20-30 ‘Mad, bad or God?’

Jesus bound the devil by resisting his best efforts – and we can do the same; the same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus God has given to us.

Apr 2006

Malachi 4.1-6 ‘The day of the Lord’

‘Revering God’s name’ means doing everything so that if people see it they praise God. It means doing your best, not offering God second best.

Mar 2006

Mark 2.13-17 ‘The surprising God’

Jesus says, ‘If you are well, you do not need me to heal you; so are you sure you are well? If you are righteous, you do not need my grace to make perfect your weakness; so are you sure you are righteous?’