My trip to Western USA and Canada (July to August 2013)

Mount St. Helens

Monday was the first of two day-long roadtrips to the two most famous mountains in Washington: Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier.  My companions were (Annie’s sister) Abbie and Jen, whom some of..

Mount Rainier

After the impressive and brooding Mount St. Helens, we were all a little concerned that Mount Rainier wouldn’t live up to it.  Oh my goodness, how wrong we all were.  It was the most beautif..

More Seattle

Today was a quieter sort of day, which is probably a good thing, as we are heading out to Whidbey Island and the Olympic Peninsula tomorrow, for two days. The morning began with a semi-lie-in (until 8..
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Whidbey Island

On Thursday morning, we all got up and started packing like crazy..  Annie, her mum Dianne, Abbie, Jen and I were heading on a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula.  On Thursday we were joined..
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Olympic Peninsula

The ferry from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend So, in the last post , I left us on the ferry from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend, on the peninsula.  It was 9.15pm, and the sunset was long past.&..

Frasier’s View

Once home, we all showered, and set about washing and drying the damp clothes / towels / tents / shoes / coats / miscellaneous camping equipment.  There was a lot to do and clean! I then took all..
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Circling Stanley

Yesterday (Sunday) was my last day in the USA, and it went off with quite a bang.  Annie and I left the church service early, so we could go to the Boeing Everett factory open day, at the invitat..

Grouse Grind

Disaster.. the swimming pool and hot tubs are closed!!  I just went down to the Health Club for a nice end-of-day swim, and it is all closed until tomorrow.  Sad face.  So I am writing ..

The Last Day

So it turns out Vancouver Airport does have wifi! This lot is really HEAVY Check in was quite slow; it took about an hour to get through the queue.  But I got there in the end, and for some reaso..
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Home Again

I am now home!  Although home isn’t quite what it used to be.. in more ways than one.. Mercifully, the flight to Frankfurt from Vancouver was better than the flight from Frankfurt to Las Vegas.&n..
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