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Final leg

I’m about to start the final leg of my road trip.. From camping in Idaho to a bed just outside Seattle!! And of course the Platters.. There have been no updates on the last couple of days because the ..
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Idaho to Washington

Yesterday was the last day of my mega road-trip.  It began with more drizzle, and packing away a wet tent.  Here is the spot where my tent had just been, and the view of the end of Lake Coeu..

Church & Taco Bell’s

Before I carry on with today’s activities, I forgot a couple of very important photos from dropping the car off yesterday.. I realised I didn’t have any pictures of me actually in the car, and I remem..
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Sunny in Seattle

Today was a beautiful day.  It started out with a nice rest in the morning, listening to TMS and the rained-off cricket conversations, reading the news on my laptop, sorting through a few picture..
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Poo Poo Point

Today was my first hike in Washington, up the Chirico Trail to Poo Poo Point.  It is just round the corner from Annie’s house, and just under five miles.  I confess I was expecting it to be ..

Writing and Waterfall

Today I needed to spend some time working on my sermon for Sunday morning; Annie’s dad invited me to preach at their church, and I’m not one for turning down a preaching invitation! So after I got up ..

Beach and Breweries

Who knew New York was in the Pacific Northwest? Yesterday was a very long day.. but a good one.  We didn’t get back until 2am, hence the lack of a blog post until now..! In the morning Steve &..
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A busy weekend

What a busy weekend so far.. and we are only halfway through Sunday!  So let’s start on Friday.. I began Friday by working on my sermon for this morning, as I knew I would be out for most of the ..
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Mount Preview

So, I have had a very busy couple of days.. Six hours’ driving each day, and lots of hiking (nearly twenty-three miles in total).  So, I am going to bed.. but here is a preview of the wondrous vi..

Mount St. Helens

Monday was the first of two day-long roadtrips to the two most famous mountains in Washington: Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier.  My companions were (Annie’s sister) Abbie and Jen, whom some of..