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Grand Monsoon

Well I have arrived at my cabin at the Grand Canyon Lodge (North Rim).  I had a great trip to Zion National Park (Utah) on the way here, and took some wonderful photos that I would love to post r..

Grand Rainbow & Sunrise

After being trapped at the campground store during the incredible monsoon, on my drive back to the Lodge I saw what I should have expected.. an enormous rainbow, which started and ended in the Canyon ..

Canyon to Canyon

After getting up early for the sun rise, I decided I had time to go out of my way and drive to Cape Royal, 20 miles out of the way on mountain roads.  It was recommended in the guidebook as havin..

First Night Camping

Last night was my first in a tent this trip—and true to form, as I drove from the cafe where I had my dinner to the campsite, it started to rain!  Thankfully it was only a drizzle by the time I h..

Bleak Canyon

Last night I was in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park—the Gunnison being the river that carved out this particular canyon.  I wasn’t able to post an update due to it have almost no f..

Grand Teton

This morning I got up early to make the most of the morning light, hoping that it wouldn’t be as overcast as it was yesterday.  It was to start with—but then it cleared up and turned into a fabul..

Glacier Walk

Today involved a big breakfast, a beautiful walk, and almost a bad ending.. I woke up in Glacier National Park, Apgar Campground, and packed everything up straight away.  It takes me about an hou..
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Of Borders and Boredom

Yesterday was the longest continuous time I spent in the car: I left Glacier National Park at 9am, and arrived at the campsite at 6.20pm, having lost an hour on the way crossing into PDT from MDT, so ..

Sunny in Seattle

Today was a beautiful day.  It started out with a nice rest in the morning, listening to TMS and the rained-off cricket conversations, reading the news on my laptop, sorting through a few picture..
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Mount Rainier

After the impressive and brooding Mount St. Helens, we were all a little concerned that Mount Rainier wouldn’t live up to it.  Oh my goodness, how wrong we all were.  It was the most beautif..