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Motel and Mustang

Dixie Palm Motel The Dixie Palms motel in St George is where I spent last night.  It is a comfortable sort of place, with only a couple of dozen rooms.  But the big boon is it has a fridge, ..

Grand Monsoon

Well I have arrived at my cabin at the Grand Canyon Lodge (North Rim).  I had a great trip to Zion National Park (Utah) on the way here, and took some wonderful photos that I would love to post r..

Zion National Park

Zion National Park was only really a stop-off point on my way from St George to the Grand Canyon North Rim.  However, I wish I had booked myself in to stay there instead of in St George—it was on..
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Canyon to Canyon

After getting up early for the sun rise, I decided I had time to go out of my way and drive to Cape Royal, 20 miles out of the way on mountain roads.  It was recommended in the guidebook as havin..

Walking in Bryce Canyon

I took the free shuttle service into Bryce Canyon National Park, expecting us to have to stop and show our passes, like on the shuttle into Zion.  That way I would have got a park newspaper, whic..
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Week One: Highlights

Being a boy I spend my time thinking about lists.. top films, top songs/albums, etc.  I have driven about 1300 miles so far, so I’ve had a lot of thinking time on my hands.  So here are some..