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Week One: Highlights

Being a boy I spend my time thinking about lists.. top films, top songs/albums, etc.  I have driven about 1300 miles so far, so I’ve had a lot of thinking time on my hands.  So here are some..

Rocky Mountain Drive

I find myself in Rawlins, WY, which seems only to sell second-hand cars, car parts, fuel and liquor.  So, I guess I must be sitting in my tent, erected in the back of an old Chevy pickup, chewing..


I have spent a considerable amount of time in the past 36 hours, driving through Wyoming.  As Annie Mae said, ‘Wyoming is full of a whole lot of nothing.’  That is certainly true.  Take..

Grand Teton

This morning I got up early to make the most of the morning light, hoping that it wouldn’t be as overcast as it was yesterday.  It was to start with—but then it cleared up and turned into a fabul..

Yellowstone 240

Today I visited Yellowstone National Park.  It was up there with the Grand Canyon and the Rockies in the three places I was most looking forward to visiting.  However, I would put it second ..
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450-mile Machine

So there is no blog post tonight.. Mostly because I ended up driving over 450 miles (that’s nearly ten hours) today, and have ended up in Missoula a day early due to my cheap tent not liking gusts of ..

Lewis and Clark

So, yesterday didn’t quite go as planned either!  I realised early on that I wouldn’t be able to stop off at many places on my way North through Yellowstone, with it being so huge.  It took ..