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Week One: Highlights

Being a boy I spend my time thinking about lists.. top films, top songs/albums, etc.  I have driven about 1300 miles so far, so I’ve had a lot of thinking time on my hands.  So here are some..

Glacier Preview

I love these signs! Having gone to Missoula a day early, I decided to come to Glacier a day early as well, to give myself more opportunity to explore it.  I checked the website beforehand, and th..
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Glacier Walk

Today involved a big breakfast, a beautiful walk, and almost a bad ending.. I woke up in Glacier National Park, Apgar Campground, and packed everything up straight away.  It takes me about an hou..
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Splashed and Stunned

Last night I couldn’t find anywhere with Wifi to write my blog post, but I have this morning!  So here is my day yesterday.. it was quite spectacular.  I don’t know what you did yesterday, d..

Icebergs and Inclines

Here’s what I wrote two days ago (on Thursday!) but couldn’t post because of the slow wifi.. So I am back where I was, exactly six hours ago, when I wrote my last update.  Except this time, I hav..
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Of Borders and Boredom

Yesterday was the longest continuous time I spent in the car: I left Glacier National Park at 9am, and arrived at the campsite at 6.20pm, having lost an hour on the way crossing into PDT from MDT, so ..