My trip to Western USA and Canada (July to August 2013)

It begins.. sort of!

The tour begins here.  I am sitting in a small guest house, a mile from Heathrow, about to get some sleep before a (very) long day tomorrow.  My alarm is set for 4am, and I won’t arrive in m..
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The Journey

Today was one of the longest and most full-on days of my life!  I got up at 4am BST, having hardly slept due to a) extreme heat and stuffiness in the room, b) noisy neighbours, but mostly c) exci..

Around Vegas on a Bus

So far today I have taken six buses up and down Las Vegas Boulevard (the centre of which is the Strip).  When visiting a city I don’t know, I like to see them by bus as you cover a lot of ground ..
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Neon Las Vegas

Last night I decided to do the ‘Fremont Street Experience’. However on a whim I decided first to take (another) bus ride back down to The Strip, to see the sights as they are meant to be seen: at nigh..
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Grand Canyon - Part 1

This morning’s helicopter flight into the Grand Canyon was without doubt one of the best and most breathtaking experiences of my life. I was collected from my hotel after checking out, by a stretch li..

Motel and Mustang

Dixie Palm Motel The Dixie Palms motel in St George is where I spent last night.  It is a comfortable sort of place, with only a couple of dozen rooms.  But the big boon is it has a fridge, ..

Grand Monsoon

Well I have arrived at my cabin at the Grand Canyon Lodge (North Rim).  I had a great trip to Zion National Park (Utah) on the way here, and took some wonderful photos that I would love to post r..

Zion National Park

Zion National Park was only really a stop-off point on my way from St George to the Grand Canyon North Rim.  However, I wish I had booked myself in to stay there instead of in St George—it was on..
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Grand Rainbow & Sunrise

After being trapped at the campground store during the incredible monsoon, on my drive back to the Lodge I saw what I should have expected.. an enormous rainbow, which started and ended in the Canyon ..

Canyon to Canyon

After getting up early for the sun rise, I decided I had time to go out of my way and drive to Cape Royal, 20 miles out of the way on mountain roads.  It was recommended in the guidebook as havin..