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Motel and Mustang

This post was published on Sunday 14 July 2013.

Dixie Palm Motel

The Dixie Palms motel in St George is where I spent last night.  It is a comfortable sort of place, with only a couple of dozen rooms.  But the big boon is it has a fridge, so I have chilled my enourmous five litre bottle of water and stored it safely in my cool bag.. Not sure how long it’ll last being cold, but every little helps.

After I arrived, I sorted out all my new camping gear into my big rucksack and stowed it away in the car, and rearranged all my luggage - fun times.

Then I realised it was later than I thought, as I had crossed a time zone without realising!  I am now in Mountain Daylight Time, and I think will be for the next few days.  So I went in search of some food, and found a Mexican grill.  I had to ask one of the waitresses how I ordered food etc.

The menu was almost indecipherable (what options I could choose etc), so I decided just to order one of the specials, a pork salad.  Here it is, in all its glory:

Enormous ‘salad’

 Surprise surprise, I couldn’t finish it!  It was pretty tasty though, and it had ‘everything’ on it..

This morning I woke up to listen to England beating Australia in the first test, which was very exciting!  I am now just about to pack up the car, and drive to Zion National Park, I think with the top down.

Then it’s onward to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon overnight.

And so, without further ado, here is the Mustang, in all its top-down glory!

It is a thing of beauty
(newer) Grand Monsoon