Theme = ‘abundant-life’

May 2020

Acts 2.1-12 ‘Can these bones live?’

The Spirit wasn’t only given to give birth to the Church – the Spirit is given to keep the church alive.

May 2019

Mark 14.22-26 ‘Being Thankful’

Communion points us to God’s goodness – which he is like all the time. But it also points us to the way we should respond: saying ‘thank you’ all the time.

May 2017

Psalm 1 ‘First things’

There are not many paths: there are two. Psalm 1 simplifies things right down, to help us understand this message: nothing is so crucial as belonging to the congregation of the righteous.

Apr 2017

Matthew 28.1-10 ‘He is risen!’

Everyone thought Jesus had failed, but he hadn’t, he had won. They thought he had come to defeat the Romans, but he had come to conquer death itself.

Feb 2017

Mark 8.31-38 ‘God’s plans and your heart’s desire’

God’s plan for you is this: (1) he is with you always, (2) delight in him and you will be satisfied, (3) be fruitful.