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Aug 2008

Simple WYMeditor and WordPress 2.6

I love WYMeditor , it is by far the best Javascript text editor I have used. As I have written before, I use the Simple WYMeditor plugin so I can have WYMeditor in my WordPress installation. However, ..

Apr 2008

Website compression

I just found a helpful article about compressing website pages automatically using .htaccess here . This reduced my page size by at least 75%, a big (and safe) help for viewing pages fast. My next sea..

Apr 2008

Using svn:externals

After learning most of the basics of subversion, I discovered I had missed one of its most useful features: svn:externals. This allows you to checkout multiple repositories into one location. For a mo..

Mar 2008

Javascript hacking

I just read an extremely funny article from the States about ‘securing’ websites using javascript, with the username, the password, and the ‘secure’ page URL written in the clear: &#39..
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Jan 2008

WordPress and WYMeditor

EDIT 22/04/08: If you use the latest versions of WordPress , Admin SSL and Simple WYMeditor , then this workaround is no longer necessary. I currently use WordPress to publish my blog, and I recently ..

Aug 2007

Eclipse and Subversion over SSH

I use subversion for my version control - and I have recently had to set up Eclipse to access the subversion repository on my new server. This proved trickier than expected, largely because of bad ins..