Glacier Preview

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This post was published on Monday 29 July 2013.

I love these signs!

Having gone to Missoula a day early, I decided to come to Glacier a day early as well, to give myself more opportunity to explore it.  I checked the website beforehand, and the main campsite apparently doesn’t fill up until late afternoon.. except it does!!  I arrived at about 2pm, and was almost the last person allowed in, before the campsites were declared full.

I then decided, rather than drive up into the park (my campsite is right by the entrance), I would take the shuttle, and then walk up to Avalanche Lake.  It was an easy, but pretty walk, following the river for a bit, including some small rapids, and with the mountains poking out above the trees; and then a gorgeous lake at the end.

So I did another six miles today, worked up a good appetite, for a cheap burger and a couple of cold beers at a place with wifi.  It’s slightly sad how I choose places to eat my dinner.. usually they are chosen because they have wifi, so I can write a blog post!!  Tomorrow I should be nearer more varied dinner options.  As I was driving up the East side of Flathead Lake,  you wouldn’t believe the number of places selling cherries, so I intend to eat somewhere that offers a local cherry pie.

Anyway, here are the pictures from my walk:

Tomorrow I drive around the south side of Glacier, to go to a part of the park that is not visited by most people (according to the park guide) but is stunningly beautiful.  Then I have a spot in a campsite next to Flathead Lake, about 50 minutes’ drive south of Glacier.  My plan is to sit by the lake in the evening, reading a book.