Jess and I visit New Zealand (January 2019)

The Church of the Good Shepherd

One of other attractions of Lake Tekapo – apart from the dark skies – is the Church of the Good Shepherd. We weren’t sure what it had to commend it – apart from being built in the most incred..

Arthur’s Pass (take two)

Again, having seen yet more massive storms approaching the West Coast, we altered our plans: to delay visiting Punakaiki Beach Camp by 24 hours, so we could weather the storm in Greymouth (which is..


After Greymouth we drove a short way up the West Coast, along the ‘Great Coast Road’. It’s supposed to be one of the best roads in NZ... but I have to say, we were underwhelmed! It wasn’t the wea..

Pancake Rocks and Blowholes

The big attraction of Pancake Rocks are the coastal rock formations, which look like stacks of pancakes – and have eroded in such a way that when the sea smashes against and through them, it sprays..

Pelorus Bridge

After Punakaiki we drove to Pelorus Bridge – from the barrel-rolling scene in The Hobbit – and realised (too late) that we had left Jess’s phone behind in the room. Apparently next day deli..


Picton is a funny place – it’s basically a small town centred around a ferry port and water taxis – so it’s relatively industrial (compared to most of NZ) but you can still get a good view – if ..


Wellington is proclaimed to be the ‘craft beer capital of the Southern hemisphere’ – with a number of craft beer breweries and pubs all close together in the city centre. Having got the earli..

Weta Cave

The troll outside Weta Round the corner from our place to stay is the Weta Workshop and Weta Cave – if you know much about The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, you’ll ..

Volca No View

During our drive to Mount Taranaki, the following happened, which we had been looking forward to for a while (both being numbers geeks)... We’re both ..


We woke up in Taranaki much as we’d gone to bed: with complete cloud cover. The view from the van was even worse – you wouldn’t even know there’s a 2,500m high volcano out there!..