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A long wet drive

Well it had to happen eventually... we have just arrived in Christchurch, about two hours later than planned, because a) the weather was appalling and b) the main road was closed so we had to do a big..
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Milford Sound storm

We knew a storm was coming from the weather forecast – so we had decided to move our time at Milford Sound forward by one day, to enable us to see it in the sunlight. And what a good job we did! The r..

Stirling Sunriser

When we booked our spot at the Lodge, we had the opportunity also to book a kayak trip with Rosco’s Milford Kayaks – which we did!  We chose the Stirling Sunriser trip: you take a water taxi out ..

The Church of the Good Shepherd

One of other attractions of Lake Tekapo – apart from the dark skies – is the Church of the Good Shepherd. We weren’t sure what it had to commend it – apart from being built in the most incredible..

Arthur’s Pass (take two)

Again, having seen yet more massive storms approaching the West Coast, we altered our plans: to delay visiting Punakaiki Beach Camp by 24 hours, so we could weather the storm in Greymouth (which is tr..
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Volca No View

During our drive to Mount Taranaki, the following happened, which we had been looking forward to for a while (both being numbers geeks)... We’re both so sad... we’re made ..