Thank you

Published on Thursday 18 August 2016

Category Life

This is a message for everyone at the Arden Marches Group of Parishes who contributed so generously to my writing desk.

Study Desk My new writing desk

It took me a long time to find the right writing desk, and it finally arrived at the weekend - so thank you!  It is made from recycled / reclaimed wood, and inlaid with a vinyl cover to make it better for writing on.  I have put it by the front window of my study so it gets the best light.  It is to be reserved for writing sermons, so it has a couple of Bibles, a pad and pens only on it!  

So far, things are going well here.  I have introduced a couple of songs, and started a series preaching through Philippians (click here if you’re interested).  At the moment people are excited to have a new young vicar, so believe it or not I’m having to rein in others’ enthusiasm while I watch, listen and observe!  I am about to write my first faculty application... for a new audio / visual system to be installed in church.

Please continue to pray for both of us, and give thanks that Jess’s work at Good Hope has started well, too.  You are all in my prayers, especially with David off work at the moment.