The long journey (older)
(newer) Day 2 


This post was published on Thursday 3 January 2019.

We were collected from the airport in our own campervan by Michaela, who runs Campervans New Zealand. She told us our van’s name is Cleopatra... and here she is:


Inside the van is plenty of storage and a large bed - though headroom might be a bit of an issue! We also have basic kitchen supplies, a gas hob, a coolbox powered by the cigarette lighter, two camping chairs, a large water container, and an emergency portable toilet... which frankly we hope not to need!


Our next step is to organise our things into some sort of useful order, and pack them into the van - but first... wine... Jess found this rather appropriate bottle to have on our first night...


We decided it would be sensible to spend the first couple of nights in a B&B, to get our things organised, and to recover from the travel. We are very grateful that we made that decision!

Tomorrow will bring - after a lovely night’s sleep we hope - some rest, sorting, shopping for supplies, and a swim in the sea, before we head off in the van on the next day for the real adventures.

 The long journey (older)
(newer) Day 2