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This post was published on Sunday 18 August 2013.

Once home, we all showered, and set about washing and drying the damp clothes / towels / tents / shoes / coats / miscellaneous camping equipment.  There was a lot to do and clean!

I then took all the Platters (minus Andrew, who was meeting us later with Janae) and Jen out for a thank-you dinner, to a new restaurant in Issaquah called Flat Iron Grill, where we enjoyed a lot of delicious meat and unusual but very tasy preparations of vegetables.  It was a great last meal, in a lovely place.

The five of us young ones then headed into Seattle, to meet up with Andrew and Janae, get some ice cream, and visit Kerry Park.  From the big image above, you already know what awaited us at Kerry Park.

Seattle - 54
Stephanie is missing as she was taking it!

Right behind is a view that I suspect might be strangely familiar to fans of Fraiser.. I had been looking forward to seeing the Seattle skyline at night for the entire trip!  Wednesday evening was supposed to be the night, but the bad weather stopped us.. and actually I’m glad we waited because it was a great thing to do and see on my last night in the USA.

A breathtaking view of Seattle
A breathtaking view of Seattle

After church this morning, Annie and I are going to head over to the Boeing Everett Factory, the world’s largest building by volume, for the family open day, at the invitation of one of Annie’s friends.  And then, it is a short drive over the border into Canada, and my final stop before the flight home.

I think today will be the day I finally sample an American McDonalds meal.  Will it taste the same.. the suspense (much like the burgers) is killing me.