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This post was published on Monday 5 August 2013.

Before I carry on with today’s activities, I forgot a couple of very important photos from dropping the car off yesterday.. I realised I didn’t have any pictures of me actually in the car, and I remembered to take a picture of the odometer before I turned the engine off for the final time.. I reset the clock at the Target store in Las Vegas, so there are about a dozen miles not included, but you get the idea..!

So today was my first full day in Washington, and it was mostly full of church & meeting people.  We started by going to Annie’s church, where I got to tinkle the ivories for a bit before the service.. I hadn’t been near a piano for nearly four weeks, so I was very pleased to have a go!

We then went out for a delicious Chinese meal, followed by a couple of hours’ downtime, before heading out to the church Annie’s brother Andrew goes to, up in Seattle.  I was rather excited to discover it is called Bethany Community Church.. and not only that, the campus we went to (the church has three different sites, or campuses) is called ‘Bethany Green Lake’!!

Here’s the main stage area, with a nice-looking grand piano in the corner, and a really cool slightly recessed screen.  As you can tell, it’s an ultra-modern building, with excellent facilities—the church itself has been around a long time though.

Bethany Community Church
Bethany Community Church

Bethany Community Church is a very large church (attendance last week was over 2,000) with a very large budget (since January they have raised over $3.3m).  I enjoyed the service (they have the most comfortable modern pews ever!).  They had a lovely idea of a prayer quilt, with small pieces of string in each section of the quilt, for the family of a church member with cancer.  As we went up for communion, we were encouraged to pray for him and his family, and to tie a small knot in one of the pieces of string.

After this, I had my first real experience of American fast food with Annie & Abbie, who took me to Taco Bell’s (Mexican fast food).  They each chose one thing for me to eat.. and it actually wasn’t at all bad!  It seemed healthier than McDonald’s at least..

Finally, we ended up drinking tea and having cake with Andrew (their brother) and his girlfriend (whose name I have no idea how to spell!!) late into the evening.. resulting in a late night, and a now very tired Ben.  So, goodnight.. I guess everyone in Blighty is getting up right now!

Seeing as I’m in America, I’ll say, ‘Have a nice day..’

Seeing as I’m English, I’ll pray for rain and / or the ability of our cricketers to bat all day without getting bowled out.

See as I’m exhausted, I’m going to sleep now.