Idaho to Washington

This post was published on Sunday 4 August 2013.

Yesterday was the last day of my mega road-trip.  It began with more drizzle, and packing away a wet tent.  Here is the spot where my tent had just been, and the view of the end of Lake Coeur d’Alene in the morning cloud:

I then set off, with a (slightly) heavy heart, knowing it was my last journey in the Mustang!  I was a bit fed up of the cloud, as I had hoped to have the top down for one last time, before (reluctantly) handing over the keys.  My sat nav told me, ‘join the highway and go straight on for two-hundred-and-ninety-six miles.’

For some reason, I was particularly tired during the journey, so before I got halfway to Annie’s house, I stopped off at Moses Lake for a Starbucks coffee, pretzel and muffin.  This is where I wrote the last couple of blog posts from, as (finally!) I had access to decent wifi.  It was a good and much-needed break, and I ended up being there for about an hour in the end.

Soon after, I stopped off at an overlook just before a bridge crossing of the Columbia River, with a sight of the Ginkgo Petrified Forest, for two reasons: a) it was beautiful, b) it was finally sunny, so I leapt at the chance to put the top down on the car!

The drive from there to Issaquah was much more fun.  I was more alert, the sun was shining, and I had the wind in my hair.

Finally, I arrived in Issaquah, 4,300 miles after I left Las Vegas, to a very warm welcome chez Platter.  It was lovely to have company, and then to have a warm, dry bed for the night (after two nights of camping in the rain, everything was pretty damp!).  I did a load of washing, hung out the camping equipment to dry, and enjoyed the helloes and conversations and home-cooked food all evening.

And, of course, beginning to plan my activities round Washington..