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Dec 2021
2021: Micah - Life through Judgement

Micah 5.1-15 ‘God’s (perfect) future’

Micah’s vision of the future is inspiring – I long for the day when we can know the fullness of Jesus’ peace that we know now, but only in part.

Nov 2021
2021: Micah - Life through Judgement

Micah 1.1 - 2.5 ‘God’s (sinful) people’

Moral failure, breaking trust, twisted behaviour – that’s Micah’s diagnosis of God’s people.

Mar 2020
2020: Ephesians - That Was Then, This Is Now

Ephesians 4.17 – 5.2 ‘Made New’

Let’s together make a conscious decision to put on the new self, the new life God has won for us, and given us freely in Jesus.

Apr 2019
2019: Mark - Seeing Jesus [4]

Mark 14.66-72 ‘Jesus is... disowned and abandoned’

How do we get from Peter the denier, full of shame and regret - to Peter the apostle, leader of the early church?

Oct 2018
2018: Mark - Seeing Jesus [3]

Mark 10.32-45 ‘Jesus is... the ransom for many’

Jesus died willingly. He was not forced to die by an angry or cruel God. He knew the cost, he knew the pain, and yet he still gave himself freely, for you and for me.

Jun 2018
2018: James - Wholehearted Devotion to Jesus

James 4.11-12 & 5.19-20 ‘Your attitude: restoring or condemning?’

Christians need a biblical attitude: neither judgemental, nor ‘anything goes’, but encouraging and warning one another with humility and love.

Apr 2006

Malachi 4.1-6 ‘The day of the Lord’

‘Revering God’s name’ means doing everything so that if people see it they praise God. It means doing your best, not offering God second best.