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Theme = ‘faithfulness’

Jan 2021
2021: Daniel - Faithful in Exile

Daniel 1.1-21 ‘Stand up!’

Daniel had the courage to stand up, to hold on to who he was in God. How can we, how can you do the same?

Nov 2020
2020: Treasure

Ecclesiastes 3.1-13 ‘A time for God?’

There is a time for everything – but do we make time for God?

Jun 2020
2020: Revelation - Names of Jesus

Revelation 19.11-16 ‘Faithful and True’

The decision to follow Jesus and be faithful and true like him, is both a huge, life-changing decision, and dozens of tiny decisions, every day.

Jan 2020

Aug 2018
2018: Anon. but not a 'non'

Judges 13.1-25 ‘Samson’s mother’

We don’t know her name, but we do know she was sensible, listened to God, and lived faithfully - what a great example to us today!

Aug 2018
2018: Anon. but not a 'non'

Acts 23.12-24 ‘Paul’s nephew’

May all of us be anonymous to history, but known to God as women and men who lived faithful lives.

Feb 2018

Mark 6.30-44 ‘Jesus is... the compassionate shepherd’

What do you have, that you could give to Jesus, for him to take and use and transform and multiply?

Mar 2017

Acts 5.1-11 ‘Faithfulness’

‘Fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart.’ But sometimes the desire for human praise is stronger than the desire to be faithful to God.

Jan 2017

Isaiah 49.1-7 ‘Because of the Lord’

‘Because of the Lord, who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.’ If you remember nothing else from this morning, remember this. If that is too much, remember this: because of the Lord.

Jul 2016
Vision Sundays

Deuteronomy 31.7-8 ‘On the cusp’

I promise you, I’m not going to go charging off on my own. My number one priority is to pray - on my own, and with you. Instead of hitting the ground running - taking over all the various different things that could be done - I’m going to hit the ground kneeling.