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Jul 2006
Sunday, 30 July 2006

Mark 6.1-13 ‘Being open to the Truth’

You have to put yourself in situations where, if God doesn’t show up, you’re stuffed. Only then will you learn to rely on God’s power and strength, not your own.

Jun 2006
Sunday, 11 June 2006

Revelation 21.1-5 ‘See, I am making all things new’

God cares enough about this world to go through the difficulty of renewing it, instead of taking the easy way out and starting again from scratch. We should care that much as well.

May 2006
Sunday, 28 May 2006

Luke 24.44-53 ‘Witnesses’

Being Jesus’ witness means being filled with the Holy Spirit to be bold, inspired, relevant and interesting.

Apr 2006
Sunday, 09 April 2006

Mark 3.20-30 ‘Mad, bad or God?’

Jesus bound the devil by resisting his best efforts – and we can do the same; the same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus God has given to us.

Apr 2006
Sunday, 09 April 2006

Malachi 4.1-6 ‘The day of the Lord’

‘Revering God’s name’ means doing everything so that if people see it they praise God. It means doing your best, not offering God second best.

Mar 2006
Sunday, 05 March 2006

Mark 2.13-17 ‘The surprising God’

Jesus says, ‘If you are well, you do not need me to heal you; so are you sure you are well? If you are righteous, you do not need my grace to make perfect your weakness; so are you sure you are righteous?’

Mar 2006
Sunday, 05 March 2006

Mark 2.13-17 ‘What does it mean for us to follow Jesus today?’

The same God calls us, whatever our vocation may be; the same God gives us his Spirit to enable us to carry it out; it is the same God whom we serve every day.

Feb 2006
Sunday, 12 February 2006

Mark 1.35-45 ‘Fame vs faithfulness’

The more times I read about Jesus in the Gospels, the more I’m struck by his awesome humility and faithfulness.

Jan 2006
Sunday, 08 January 2006

Matthew 2.1-12 ‘Love so amazing, so divine’

What is the treasure that Jesus has given to me, that I can open up and present to him in loving, humble worship?