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Aug 2016
It took me a long time to find the right writing desk, and it finally arrived at the weekend - so thank you!
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Mar 2016
The Bishop of Birmingham is delighted to announce today that Rev Ben Green has been appointed as the next Vicar of Amington.
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Apr 2008
I have to confess that there are many parts of the Church of England’s new Common Worship services that I don’t like.  The Baptism service, for example, is hugely long, overly complicated and (I think) theologically wrong.  (For more on that you migh...
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Dec 2007
I went to a service in an Anglican church this morning. We prayed for the souls of the dead, said that the bread and wine ‘will become’ Jesus’ body and blood, sang the wrong words to In Christ Alone (the ‘love’ of God was satisfied, not his wrath), ...