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Jun 2019

New Grace vs Old Law?

The NT does not proclaim grace where the OT proclaimed law, since God’s calling his people into healthy patterns of living was always his gracious gift.

Feb 2008

Lawyer of the Rings?

My favourite movie trilogy of all time has been involved in lawsuits pretty much since it was finished - or rather, the company that made it (New Line) has been. The twists and turns are followed by t..

Feb 2008

Sharia Law

For the last two days I have been rather astonished that the main headline on the BBC News website has been about Rowan Williams’ comments on Sharia law. The headlines come from a lecture he gave, and..

Dec 2007

Biblical Ethics?

This was originally published as a comment on another blog (edit: since closed down) on 27 April 2006. The author asked: ‘How, though, can the Bible be used to help towards ethical understanding?’ As ..

Sep 2007

Altering iPhones

I have just been reading some of the articles about Apple disabling iPhones via a software update. The phones in question have been hacked to work on networks other than AT&T, or have had third-pa..

Mar 2007

Sexual Orientation Regulations

I have just been reading a blog by a fellow Wycliffe student here . He argues that the Catholic Church has no right to oppose the SORs going through Parliament at present. The reason is that they are ..