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Nov 2007

Abortion Legislation

In the 40 years since abortion has been legal in Britain, the number of terminations taking place each year has increased from 22,000 to almost 200,000. Anti-abortion groups stage rally Since 1967 the..

Nov 2007

Cancer Risk

In the news this week has been a story about cancer risk . A major reivew of scientific studies from the last five years has concluded that pretty much everyone should lose weight, not drink any alcoh..

Sep 2007

Altering iPhones

I have just been reading some of the articles about Apple disabling iPhones via a software update. The phones in question have been hacked to work on networks other than AT&T, or have had third-pa..

Jun 2007

Naked Tony

Naked Blair at centre of art show I have to confess I don’t quite understand the strength of animosity towards Tony Blair in this country. He has made some unpopular decisions, but lots of politicians..

Mar 2007

Sexual Orientation Regulations

I have just been reading a blog by a fellow Wycliffe student here . He argues that the Catholic Church has no right to oppose the SORs going through Parliament at present. The reason is that they are ..