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Feb 2009

Incorporation ‘in Christ’ and Justification

I am currently reading Tom Wright’s latest book, Justification: God’s plan and Paul’s vision .   I am about a fifth of the way through, and so far it is typical Wright: engaging, well-written and th..

Apr 2008


I had a long conversation last night with a good friend about various theological topics.   Some of them will find their way on here, in time.   The first of them is the doctrine of assurance.   How ..

Apr 2008

Common Worship Ordination

I have to confess that there are many parts of the Church of England’s new Common Worship services that I don’t like.   The Baptism service, for example, is hugely long, overly complicated and (I t..

Mar 2008

Resurrection Life

On Sunday I preached on the final day of the college mission to Larkhall, Bath.   The text of the sermon can be found here . Rather than preach directly from a passage, I preached on the meaning ..

Mar 2008

Evangelical humility

Evangelicals need to approach their theological formulae with more humility than in the past.   It is the scriptural word that is infallible, not our ever imperfect attempts to restate it in app..

Feb 2008

Faithfulness and sovereignty

Some of the BA students in college have been writing about the impassibility of God, which has prompted not a few discussion in the Common Room over coffee and snooker.   One of them has written thre..

Feb 2008

Do we choose God?

This is by way of an extension of a previous post on this topic. A friend at college used to sing ‘ I have decided to follow Jesus’, emphasizing the ‘ I ‘ to annoy any Calvinists he might come ..

Jan 2008

Why gravity

I saw the end of a programme last night called Horizon , which was looking at the theory of gravity.   The bit I saw was the tail-end of the explanation of Einstein’s theory, which moved into the th..

Jan 2008

Predestination and responsibility

Matthew 18.7 says this: [Jesus says,] ‘Woe to the world for temptations to sin! For it is necessary that temptations come, but woe to the one by whom the temptation comes!’ We have here a..

Jan 2008

Clarity and understanding

I am currently trying to learn how to use XSL for my website.   XSL stands for eXtensible Stylesheet Language , and allows an XML file to be displayed in a friendly format. XML files look like ..