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Aug 2008

VMware Enter Key

I have recently taken the plunge and bought myself a Mac.   I love it - for a long-term Windows user there have been the inevitable confusions and frustrations (the weirdness of skipping/deleting ent..
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Jun 2008

Mean green washing machine

This article here is interesting, about the invention of a washing machine that uses only a cup of water.   It works apparently by pounding the clothes with small plastic chips, using a fraction of..

May 2008


I am very excited by the launch today of Freesat .   It is a joint initiative by the BBC and ITV, and offers free digital and HD satellite TV to 98% of the UK population.   I will definitely be inve..

Mar 2008

The green car?

Having written about a wooden car a few days ago, I found an interesting piece about a ‘green’ car, with ‘zero emissions’: Green sports car set for launch It uses hydrogen fuel, so creates on..

Feb 2008

The wooden car?

This is rather a good story, about a sports car made almost entirely out of wood.   Sounds very suspect, and it doesn’t look like it will go into production, but it’s a fascinating idea! Wooden h..
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Feb 2008

Northern = Stupid?

This made me laugh a few days ago: ‘Brain Training’ slammed by ‘Watchdog’ Apparently the computer game (which claims to train your brain) can’t recognise northern accents.   So if you shout ..

Jan 2008

Why gravity

I saw the end of a programme last night called Horizon , which was looking at the theory of gravity.   The bit I saw was the tail-end of the explanation of Einstein’s theory, which moved into the th..

Jan 2008


I want one .
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Jan 2008

100Mb broadband?

Apparently, 100Mbit Broadband Hits UK . I’ll believe that when I see it, and actually can we have 4Mb broadband, please, instead of the pitiful less-than-modem-speed I get in the evenings with Ti..
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Dec 2007


At last! The great broadband scam is being curtailed by Ofcom, and not a moment too soon. The old ‘up to 8mb’ line so beloved of broadband providers has finally come under harsh criticism by Ofcom ...