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Feb 2008

Lawyer of the Rings?

My favourite movie trilogy of all time has been involved in lawsuits pretty much since it was finished - or rather, the company that made it (New Line) has been. The twists and turns are followed by t..

Feb 2008


Along with many others (I suspect) I have been following with interest the race for the Democratic presidential candidate in America. It seems that Obama is building momentum - although Clinton is onl..

Feb 2008

Northern = Stupid?

This made me laugh a few days ago: ‘Brain Training’ slammed by ‘Watchdog’ Apparently the computer game (which claims to train your brain) can’t recognise northern accents. So if you shout ‘yeller’ ins..

Feb 2008

What a match

Ireland deserved to win. You won’t often hear me say that. The French were brilliant in the first half, but faded away in the second. I thought O’Gara and O’Driscoll played so well in the second half,..
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Feb 2008

Sharia Law

For the last two days I have been rather astonished that the main headline on the BBC News website has been about Rowan Williams’ comments on Sharia law. The headlines come from a lecture he gave, and..

Dec 2007

Atheist carol-singing

I was preparing to blog on an article I read in The Times the other day, and this morning discovered a friend had done just that! His blog post is (edit: the blog has now been closed down), the origin..

Dec 2007

The Perfect Christmas

This evening we watched Heston Blumenthal’s Perfect Christmas on BBC2. Normally I love watching Heston - the ‘culinary alchemist’ - with his very male cooking; it’s all gadgets, industrial equipment, ..

Dec 2007

Data Unprotection

Thousands of driver details lost Another government agency, more details lost by CDs containing unencrypted data being sent through the post. I genuinely don’t believe how it is possible for people to..

Dec 2007

Sport on TV

Sri Lanka v England 1st Test This seems to have been a really exciting test match - I wish cricket would come back to terrestrial telly so we can watch some! It is very frustrating when national sport..

Nov 2007

Blair the Nutter?

The Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, said: I am sorry that Tony Blair feels he could not talk about his faith in case people thought he was a nutter. A Christian vision underlies all that is im..