Aug 2008


Did you know most people have a higher than average number of feet? Just what is average?
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Aug 2008

Living in the North

So according to this report two weeks ago, all the people who live in the North should move to the South, because regeneration efforts are failing.  To avoid become ‘trapped’ in poverty, people sh..

Aug 2008

The Gentiles

In Jeremiah, there’s a lot of judgement, of Israel and the surrounding nations.  The final few chapters basically comprise a long series of judgements on the surrounding nations. So I was surpris..

Aug 2008

VMware Enter Key

I have recently taken the plunge and bought myself a Mac.  I love it - for a long-term Windows user there have been the inevitable confusions and frustrations (the weirdness of skipping/deleting ent..
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Aug 2008


Man is tormented by no greater anxiety than to find someone quickly to whom he can hand over that great gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born. Fyodor Dostoevsky

Aug 2008

New prophecy?

We had an interesting comment by the preacher in church today.  He was saying that whenever he preaches, he tries to have something fresh, something new and prophetic to say. Now I whole-heartedly ..

Aug 2008

Simple WYMeditor and WordPress 2.6

I love WYMeditor , it is by far the best Javascript text editor I have used.  As I have written before, I use the Simple WYMeditor plugin so I can have WYMeditor in my WordPress installation. ..

Jul 2008

The Resurrection

“Do you want to believe in the living Christ?” says Barth. “We may believe in him only if we believe in his corporeal resurrection. This is the content of the New Testament. We are always free t..

Jul 2008


With all the troubles in the Anglican Communion at the moment, and ahead of the Lambeth Conference in a few days’ time, a number of archbishops, bishops, clergy and laypeople gathered in Jerusalem fo..

Jun 2008

Mean green washing machine

This article here is interesting, about the invention of a washing machine that uses only a cup of water.  It works apparently by pounding the clothes with small plastic chips, using a fraction of..