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Jun 2007
Naked Blair at centre of art show I have to confess I don’t quite understand the strength of animosity towards Tony Blair in this country. He has made some unpopular decisions, but lots of politicians do. That’s part of their job, after all. Perhap...
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May 2007
I have just finished reading Tom Wright’s lengthy article on Penal Substitution, during a long safety exchange in the snooker world championship final (!). Penal substitution is something of a hot topic at the moment. I have read much about it in the...
Apr 2007
I visited a local church today for a baptism communion service. In some respects it was my ideal service (over in just under an hour and a quarter, very friendly, lots of families and kids), but I was deeply disappointed with the sermon. The preache...
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Mar 2007
I have just been reading a blog by a fellow Wycliffe student here. He argues that the Catholic Church has no right to oppose the SORs going through Parliament at present. The reason is that they are willing (in a world which is far from ideal) to all...
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Mar 2007
I had a fascinating discussion today with three other guys. We were talking about how to preach about holiness and drunkenness, without being judgemental. We talked about two dangerous opposites that people fall into when seeking after holiness. Som...
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Feb 2007
Last night the primates of the Anglican Communion issued the following communique: Primates Meeting Communique Many of us have been concerned about the future of the Anglican Communion, especially those of us who are going to be ordained into it. ...
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Feb 2007
Today in The Times I was somewhat shocked to read the front-page headline: ‘Churches back plan to unite under Pope. It seemed from the article that at some point in the next few months there was a real chance that the Anglican and Roman Catholic chur...
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