Mar 2008

Films vs. Games

I was disappointed to see today that the ban on Manhunt 2 has been overturned: Ban on ‘sadistic’ video game overturned The game publisher’s argument is that the violence is no worse than, say..

Mar 2008

Pissing against the wall

I’m not sure if this is very funny or extremely sad, but I found a video of a Baptist preacher preaching talking about the phrase ‘pisseth against the wall’ from the King James. Baptist preaches ..

Mar 2008

Evangelical humility

Evangelicals need to approach their theological formulae with more humility than in the past.  It is the scriptural word that is infallible, not our ever imperfect attempts to restate it in app..

Mar 2008

Danny Cipriani

I have just discovered that Danny Cipriani has been dropped from the England rugby team for the match against Scotland tomorrow.  The reason appears to be that he was seen leaving a nightclub last n..
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Mar 2008


The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’. Larry Hardiman
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Mar 2008

The green car?

Having written about a wooden car a few days ago, I found an interesting piece about a ‘green’ car, with ‘zero emissions’: Green sports car set for launch It uses hydrogen fuel, so creates on..

Mar 2008

Javascript hacking

I just read an extremely funny article from the States about ‘securing’ websites using javascript, with the username, the password, and the ‘secure’ page URL written in the clear: ..
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Feb 2008

The 29th

I found an interesting article on the BBC website today: ‘Who owns today?’ It traces a bit of the history of leap years, and asks whether people paid monthly should work on 29 February or not..
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Feb 2008


On the BBC website today I read this article : Children ‘damaged’ by materialism.  It is particularly aimed at advertisers who specifically target children. The Children’s Society said adult..

Feb 2008

The wooden car?

This is rather a good story, about a sports car made almost entirely out of wood.  Sounds very suspect, and it doesn’t look like it will go into production, but it’s a fascinating idea! Wooden h..
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