May 2008

The Bible in 750 words

Here’s an interesting page, on the Grove Books website. They ran a competition to write the story of the Bible in 750 words, and these are the winning entries . I think I might have a go at this mysel..
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May 2008

Babel Fish

The following extract is from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy , by Douglas Adams, concerning the Babel Fish : Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that anything so mind-bogglingly us..

May 2008

Faith and works

I read James 2 this morning, the almost infamous passage which apparently contradicts Paul’s theology that we are saved only by faith, that there is nothing we can do to earn our salvation. I don’t th..

May 2008


I am very excited by the launch today of Freesat . It is a joint initiative by the BBC and ITV, and offers free digital and HD satellite TV to 98% of the UK population. I will definitely be investigat..

May 2008

Secret ballot?

I voted in the local elections on Thursday. Imagine my shock when I realised that the so-called ‘secret’ ballot is the exact opposite. While my ballot paper doesn’t have my name written on, it may as ..

Apr 2008

Website compression

I just found a helpful article about compressing website pages automatically using .htaccess here . This reduced my page size by at least 75%, a big (and safe) help for viewing pages fast. My next sea..

Apr 2008

Computer viruses

I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image..

Apr 2008


I had a long conversation last night with a good friend about various theological topics. Some of them will find their way on here, in time. The first of them is the doctrine of assurance. How can we ..

Apr 2008

ESV Study Bible

Coming soon to a store near you... with over 25,000 notes, over 80,000 cross-references, and over 200 maps. The layout looks brilliant. Let’s hope the anglicized edition looks as good! ESV Study Bible
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Apr 2008

Using svn:externals

After learning most of the basics of subversion, I discovered I had missed one of its most useful features: svn:externals. This allows you to checkout multiple repositories into one location. For a mo..