‘Interesting’ Service

This post was published on Sunday 2 December 2007.

I went to a service in an Anglican church this morning.

We prayed for the souls of the dead, said that the bread and wine ‘will become’ Jesus’ body and blood, sang the wrong words to In Christ Alone (the ‘love’ of God was satisfied, not his wrath), proclaimed that the Spirit proceeds only from the Father (in the Nicene creed), and used a eucharistic prayer which mis-quoted Jesus (his blood was shed for ‘all’, rather than ‘many’).

I think that most, if not all (including the denial of God’s wrath being satisfied) are explicitly against the 39 Articles, and the Book of Common Prayer. In what sense was this an Anglican service, other than that it was taken by an Anglican priest? We have universalism, a denial of substitutionary atonement, and the ‘presence’ of transubstantiation.

Apparently the problems with the creed and eucharistic prayer were misprints... but what misprints!