Grace and Mercy

This post was published on Wednesday 6 October 2010.

I was just chatting with a good friend, with whom I have had many theological discussions.  But it all boils down to the advice he gave me (I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me sharing his words!):

His mercies are NEW EVERY MORNING - they need to be because we sin. No condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Remember your ABCs of Evangelicalism - we sin, God forgives, we give glory.

I have always liked the theology of Karl Barth - a central tenet of which is that we alienate ourselves from God, and cannot get back to him.  So he comes to us with grace and mercy - to which we respond gratefully - and God graciously accepts our imperfect worship.  Our part in our salvation - simple gratitude and worship - is sandwiched within God’s movement to us.

Never think you deserve it, never forget who gives it, never cease to worship such an amazing God, Jesus Christ.