Danny Cipriani

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This post was published on Friday 7 March 2008.

I have just discovered that Danny Cipriani has been dropped from the England rugby team for the match against Scotland tomorrow.   The reason appears to be that he was seen leaving a nightclub last night:

Cipriani axed from England team

The incident calls to mind the pathetic antics of the England cricket team at the world cup last year - but Cipriani was not drinking, nor was he out a long time, according to his club.

I can understand Brian Ashton wanting to keep a tight ship, and to impress on his players the seriousness with which they should take playing for their country.   But relaxing - albeit late at night - with your friends - especially if you aren’t drinking! - does not, to me, count as ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

Apart from anything, Balshaw has been shockingly bad at full-back, and Cipriani has the potential to be significantly better!   I think Ashton has gone too far here - I hope we don’t live to rue the decision on Saturday.